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March 9, 2018


Wednesday we said goodbye to our humble mobile abode of nine months, and although I never expected it to be sad it was one of the most bittersweet decisions that we have made together. Kyle and I began a new chapter of our lives together in the camper we called home and shared so many wonderful memories in it. Our camper went to a new family and they are actually friends of ours, and I’m so excited about all of the abundance of new sweet memories and experiences that are in store for them!

We found a fifth wheel camper on Facebook almost two weeks ago, we weren’t looking for a new camper but the deal seemed too good to be true. It was perfect for us, but it was also two hours away, our camper was still in storage, and we still had a few loose ends to tie up on our current camper. We figured that by the time we got our camper ready to sell, the camper we were looking at would be long gone. We couldn’t get the new camper out of our heads, so Kyle and I decided to check it out. For me I wanted to check it out almost in hopes that it was a deal too good to be true and I could finally put the thought to rest in my head.

After checking it out, it would up being more perfect than we could have imagined. The camper was purchased new by an older couple and they had taken it across the country to camp and visit family. The older main decided to sell it because the stairs leading to the bedroom became too much to handle and he replaced it with a bumper pull camper. We headed home with a plan to get our camper ready to sell and if the fifth wheel was still available then we would pursue selling it. My realistic, objective side tried to keep us grounded during this time because we knew that it was a wonderful camper and it wouldn’t last long on the market, and we didn’t want our hopes to be crushed.

A week came and went, full of prayer that if it was meant to be it would happen quickly and if it wasn’t then the door would be shut in our face. We got our camper ready to sell and the fifth wheel was still available, so we made the bold choice to put ours on the market and it sold within one day. Talk about a God thing! Everything fell into place and it seemed like we watched in astonishment. In total, we drove 609 miles for this camper, but that just goes to show how worth it this camper was for us.

We brought home the new camper on Thursday (Kyle’s birthday!) and you guys, the ideas are already OVERFLOWING. As sad as I am to say goodbye to our old camper I’m so excited for all of the new memories that will be made in our new rig. I’m planning on documenting and writing up a blog series of our renovations. Next week I’ll be sharing my plans for our camper, but for now here are all of the “before” photos of our camper!

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