Making the Most of Your Spring Session

March 2, 2018


Believe it or not, spring is finally right around the corner! With spring around the corner that means that photography sessions are going to be picking up again and I’m SO excited for that! I’ve been itching all winter for warm sunsets and gentle breezes coming in our windows. Spring can sometimes be a fickle season to plan a session in so if you’re looking to take advantage of the fresh blooms and warm sunshine this spring, you’re going to want to consider these tips to help make the most of your spring session!


Try to not be an eager beaver

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when planning their spring photography session is planning it too early. Believe me, I’m just as excited as you are to get out there and enjoy the warm air and bright colors but waiting until spring has had a chance to catch up is totally worth it. It takes a while time for the grass to finally get fully green and not patchy brown, the trees to begin blooming, and the flowers to start blossoming so it’s best to wait until spring has really sprung!

Dress to compliment

Long pants and a cute blouse or maxi dress are great transitional pieces to wear for a spring session. Use pastels and floral patterns to compliment the surrounding blooms and soften the image and use dark, rich colors to accent but not darken the image.

Choose locations that show off their blooms

Some of my favorite spots to shoot at are places with bold blooming trees like the weeping cherries at Purdue’s engineering fountain. My family had apple trees in our back yard growing up, and I’ve always thought that an orchard would be such a great location to have a session in the springtime.

Be Flexible

Spring isn’t known for it’s most glamorous weather patterns, be aware of the likelihood that your session might be rescheduled. During a session I’m constantly assessing the way the light is hitting in the image and having beautiful sunlight is obviously my first choice, but a lightly cloudy day is also a great option. I’ll only want to reschedule if we have heavy, dark cloud cover that would cause dark circles under your eyes and make the image a more dark and moody rather than bright and joyful. Later in the season is better anyways, so it’s totally okay if we have to take a rain check!



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