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At the ripe age of 16(ish), the photography bug hit me. As a midwestern kid I was obviously in 4H and entered into the photography competition. What I didn’t realize then, was that I was at the very beginning of the rest of my life. I started off with inanimate objects (introvert over here) and grew my confidence enough to ask friends to be my subjects. I loved the tech side of things, the way I could manipulate backgrounds to make something super ugly and busy look beautiful with the right light, and that I could get people to relax in front of the camera so that you could photograph their true selves. Fast forward to college (Boiler Up!) when I was in the *thick* of an unrelated degree and I realized… photography was the clear path for me. There was nothing else that fulfilled me the way it does. 

I take pride in being *more* than just your photographer. Sure, I'm on a mission to photograph everyone at their truest self, but I've been a professional photographer for 8 years and I learned early on that...

photographing you is literally my dream. 

I just want you to know...

Enneagram 9. Donut Guru.
Green thumb. Adventure Seeker.

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