Ciera || Adventures of Room 129 In-Home Branding Session

August 22, 2018


I had the best time with this lady boss, Ciera, taking in-home branding photos for her blog! Ciera is an elementary school teacher and side hustles as a blogger and creates/sells products on a popular website called TPT, where teachers can create, sell, and buy products from other teachers. Even more than that, she’s a wife and a mom to three kiddos! I told you she was a boss lady! Ciera, my friend, you are KILLING IT! I can’t wait to see how these photos from our session are going to help take your brand to the next level!

On a side note…  It seems like I’m always finding dogs and yesterday’s in-home branding session was no exception! This is Alan, he was a school service dog for a local elementary school. I’m sure those beautiful beautiful eyes and grey whiskers have so many stories to tell!

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