The Pesich Family || Life on the “Mini” Farm Session

August 22, 2018


My clients for this session were a little fuzzier than normal, ha! The Pesiches are friends of ours and I had a blast taking their family photos this year. They have a “mini” farm with two Scottish Highlander mini-cows, Charlie and Sadie, and three fainting goats, Elvis, Fonzie, and Trigger, that are all the sweetest! Sam had prepared some floral crowns for the mini-cows and I just about died when I saw how adorable they looked. We had the best time laughing together, petting the animals, and just playing around. The best photos are always the “unposed” ones, where the focus of the photo is you just being together in the season you’re in, which is why I model my “family” sessions like “lifestyle” sessions. Thank you, Pesich family, for allowing me to tell your family’s story this year!

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