Neil & Malena || In-Home Lifestyle Engagement Session in Downtown Indianapolis

September 20, 2018


My session with Neil & Malena couldn’t have been more PERFECT. Our goal was to make their session more “them” and included an evening filled with easy conversation in their home, their guard cat, and deep laughter. I asked them what they love to do most in the evenings when they’re hanging out at home and they said that it was drinking wine on their front porch with Arlo in his cat tent/condo, and that’s EXACTLY what we did! But you guys. I wasn’t sure if I was adequately prepared for how amazing it would truly be…

What started off as their engagement session turned into Arlo’s session and I can’t believe how perfect it was. He’s got such a huge personality and I love how Neil & Malena include him in so many of their day-to-day activities. He even rides in a bike basket and LOVES every minute of it!!

Sweet Neil couldn’t hide how smitten he is by Malena if he tried. I usually start off my sessions with a quick pep talk, like “I want you guys to have fun so feel free to be as silly and ridiculous as you can because you’re never going to see these people ever again but you’ll have these photos for the rest of your life!!!”. Except they will LITERALLY see these people every day because we did their photos in their neighborhood. But Neil had NO qualms being his goofy self in front of the camera with the love of his life.

Isn’t it so great, in a world like today, that the future generations, kids and grandkids, will never have to wonder how much you loved each other? All they’ll have to do is look at this photo to know just how much Neil loves Malena, it’s written all over his face. You’re kids and grandkids will be able to see it when show them your photos when you’re 80. And when you’re having an off day and you just need to remember that feeling, you can just look at your photos and instantly be taken back.

Thank you, Neil & Malena for bringing me into your home and allowing me to photograph your everyday extraordinary love. I’m truly honored. 

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