My Top 10 Favorite Down-The-Aisle Moments

February 5, 2018


The ceremony is the moment that months or years of anticipation have built up to, and is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day for ovbious reasons. Hearing those sweet words, “with this ring, I thee wed” bring so much excitement and joy to my soul. So without further adieu, here’s “My Top 10 Favorite Down-The-Aisle Moments”!


10. The look of beaming pride on these brother of the Bride’s faces as they walk down the aisle before their big sister.


9. That moment that ring security stole the show.


8. This magical first kiss in front of a sea of candles.


7. This couple’s dog joining them for the reading of their wedding vows in the middle of their favorite woods.


6. This Groom pulling out this super sophisticated spectacle the Bride gave him to read his wedding vows.


5. This Groom walking the Flower Girl down the aisle because she was too shy to do it by herself. SERIOUSLY. I can’t make this stuff up! This is so cute.


4. The look of unequivocal joy on these Brides faces as they recess down the aisle!


3. This Groom and Father of the Bride overwhelmed with the joy of the moment.

….and this Father of the Bride with tears of joy streaming down his cheeks as he walks his daughter, the Bride, down the aisle…


2. This look of overwhelming love on this Bride’s face as she finally gets to see her Groom.


And finally… 1.  these Grooms tearing up because their Brides are just too. dang. beautiful. to handle.


  1. Shaley says:

    Sean is so thankful you didn’t get a picture of him crying 😂
    These are gorgeous and I’m so thankful we were lucky enough to get your talented self for our wedding.

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