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February 1, 2018


As someone who loves flowers and refinishing furniture, this new, adorable shop feels like home to me. Just Because: Flowers, Gifts & More offers a little bit of everything in their store, including candies, wax melts, furniture, as well as flowers for any and all occasions. My husband actually bought me a bouquet of dusty purple roses last fall “just because” and it was an absolutely stunning arrangement. I stopped in this past week and took some photos of their shop and did an interview to highlight their offerings and spread the word about this fantastic business. Thank you, ladies for allowing me to come in and observe for a morning!


Where is the shop located? 210 E Market St., Crawfordsville, Indiana

About the owners: Sheila Cox, Carla Earl, Trish Overpeck all co-own Just Because, and Ragena Spencer is the titled floral and wedding designer. Carla and Ragena both worked at Flowers n’ Things before it closed early last year and as Trish said, the opportunity arose and it felt like a total God thing. Trish told me that she had thought for a quick moment “Wouldn’t that be fun, to own a flower shop?!” but dismissed it at first. She had a good job, after all, and owning a flower shop was a dream. She continued to feel that calling and unbeknownst to her, God had been working in all of their lives. Sheila, Carla, and Ragena were all in different places in their lives but were all looking for something new and fresh to unfold. The opportunity caught their attention, and the process to bring Just Because to life began.

What services do you provide? Flowers for everything: funerals, weddings, birthdays, “just because”, you name it! Just Because also has a DIY/consulting room that we rent out to allow brides make their own arrangements if they’d prefer. We also keep a stock of a large variety of things like furniture, honey, Prairie Scents, live arrangements, and candies to sell.

Do you offer any classes? Not at the moment, but we do have a DIY room that we rent out to customers who would like to make some of their own floral arrangements.

Do you visit the venue beforehand? We gladly visit venues to help Brides plan out arrangements to compliment the space! We then make all arrangements in the store and deliver them to the venue.

How soon should a bride book their florist before the wedding? As soon as you have a date on the calendar is get the maximum experience.

What does the process look like after you’ve been booked for a wedding? We have a first consultation after booking to get an idea of the style you’re looking for and to build a proposal. We’ll meet again within 3-6 after the first consultation to button down the details and ensure you’re getting what you’re looking for, and make any necessary adjustments before signing a contract. We’ll have your flowers ready for you by the contracted time and can even deliver them to the venue for you.

What is the best way a bride can contact you to book? Calling to make an appointment is the most effective way to get ahold of us.

Do you offer any rentals? We rent out the vases and vessels for our wedding arrangements so that you’re not stuck with all of them after the wedding. Many furniture pieces that we have can also be rented out to use or display at a wedding.

What advice would you give to a bride choosing flowers or a florist for her wedding? The style of your wedding dress is a good indicator of your vision for the rest of your wedding, so be sure you know the color of your wedding dress before you choose your flowers. That way, we can use that to make sure we can get the colors and styles of the flowers to compliment your wedding vision.

Thank you again, ladies for allowing me to tag along for a little while and help share your story!

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