Austin & Makayla || Chic Blue Heron & Lerner Wedding

August 7, 2017


Everything about Austin & Makayla’s wedding was perfect; from the special touches at the beginning of the day like the matching bridesmaids shirts to get ready in, the jaw-droopingly beautiful backdrop that they created THEMSELVES for their ceremony, to the special “teddy bear toss” at the reception for all the kiddos (SUCH a great idea, right?!). It’s weddings like this that bride’s look at for inspiration for their own wedding.

Austin & Makayla have been together for years. In fact, they are high school sweethearts! As a high school sweetheart myself, I understand how being a high school sweetheart solidifies your relationship in a way. I mean, this person knew you in your most awkward stages and loved you through it. It also makes a couples wedding day that much sweeter. It’s the day that the Bride, Groom, and the everyone else have been waiting for forever.

Austin is actually my cousin from my mother’s side, and some of my earliest memories with my mother’s family are from our annual family reunions, where family members from all over would come to my parents home and we would spend the whole afternoon talking, telling stories, laughing, and playing in the pool. Photographing a family member’s wedding is such an honor, and I was thrilled to be able to photograph their day. I enjoyed being able to tell the story of their day and be able to spend time with the family that I grew up with at the same time.

Austin & Makayla, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I hope that you two enjoy your lives as a married couple as you encounter all of your “first” milestones together!

Enjoy this special preview of Austin & Makayla’s wedding photos. It was certainly a day to remember!




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