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Our camper has been like 95% finished since we started camping with it in May, so I figured it was finally time to take some “finished” photos! If you don’t remember what we started out with, you can check out our before photos and all the progress blog posts here: Before Photos Progress Report #1 […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

October 16, 2018

Final Reveal || RV Renovation

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Phew! What a crazy few weeks we’ve had, both with progress on the camper and this weather that we’ve had. We’ve slowed down just a bit with progress on the camper as Kyle is no longer on spring break so we have classes to work around, and the projects that we do have going are […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

April 5, 2018

Progress Update- April 5, 2018 || RV Renovation

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You didn’t really think that I’d spoil the surprise by making the featured photo the current finished(ish) product, did you?! 😉 That just wouldn’t be any fun! It’s been a long two weeks involving painting in the same clothes and deconstructing the insides of our camper, but we’ve hit a corner. Finally. I can actually […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

March 22, 2018

Progress Update- March 22, 2018 || RV Renovation

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Now that the camper of our dreams is officially ours, I can finally start really thinking and planning how to make our vision come to life! We learned a few things when we renovated our previous camper that will help us, and I’m excited about the vision I have for this new camper. When I think […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

March 14, 2018

Inspiration & Plan for our Fifth Wheel Camper || RV Renovation

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Wednesday we said goodbye to our humble mobile abode of nine months, and although I never expected it to be sad it was one of the most bittersweet decisions that we have made together. Kyle and I began a new chapter of our lives together in the camper we called home and shared so many […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

March 9, 2018

Out With the Old… Tour Our New Rig || Hunts Elsewhere

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Earlier this month my husband, Kyle, and I took a 10 day trip to down to Florida where Kyle went to a firefighter conference to learn about machinery rescue with our dog and camper in tow. I was quite nervous for the drive, considering the last time I had driven that distance was when my […]

Hunts Elsewhere, Personal

December 28, 2017

Ten Days, Four Campgrounds | Hunts Elsewhere

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