We Started A Flower Farm!

July 30, 2020

Flower Farm

In the early, dark, winter months of 2020 I made a bold plan. A plan to grow flowers and spread joy and get my hands and body dirty. What a wonderfully rewarding journey this has been! I cannot begin to describe the feeling of walking through the garden early in the morning, my gaze falling upon each flower that has decided today is the day to show its gorgeous face. The meditative work I put in has been rewarding and therapeutic, especially in a season of unknown. We’re growing several different flower varieties in small 5′ plots arranged in 20′ rows which has been perfect to learn with. It’s given us the opportunity to test the waters with each variety. Learn what they like, then figure out what we need to do to perfect the environment that they grow in. I’m thankful for the experience, and equally just as excited to see what’s around the corner with this venture.

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