Happy Birthday, Trapper! Trapper John Turns Two

January 15, 2018


Today we are celebrating our dear Trapper John’s second birthday! Obviously it was necessary to have a small doggy birthday party with his brother and littermate, Max, and I even made some pupcakes to celebrate! We’re so thankful and blessed to have his sweet soul in our lives. To honor the occasion, here’s a list of 13 things that we’ve learned about dogs in our time with Trapper. Keep scrolling to see photos from Trapper’s big second birthday celebration!

  1. The phrase “If I fits, I sits” doesn’t only apply to cats.
  2. The minimum capacity in the bathroom is 2.
  3. Watching squirrels is the ultimate pass-time.
  4. Nothing feels better than running in circles in the back yard at top speed.
  5. The best way to wake a person up is to stare at them with your head resting on the bed until they notice.
  6. The best way to stay asleep when pupper is staring at you is to play dead.
  7. In order to ensure all crumbs are accounted for (like any responsible dog would do), you must keep your head glued to your human’s side while cooking.
  8. Humans are terrible at giving baths; to make sure you’re completely clean after getting a bath, it’s important to lick all of your paws thoroughly.
  9. The shadows on the ceiling are fun to chase, especially in the middle of the night when mom’s trying to be quiet!
  10. Human’s aren’t very good at telling time, you must sit next to your food bowl a good hour before dinnertime to make sure they remember to feed you.
  11. Wait until your humans are laughing for the perfect moment to tongue them.
  12. All cars that drive a little too loudly by our house need to be barked at to deter them.
  13. I love my humans more than anything and my favorite part of the day is seeing them.


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