Alex & Ali || Engagement Session at the Clauser Family Farm

January 22, 2019


If you like love, dogs, and farm animals this post is for you! When Ali first emailed me about their engagement session she posed the question that I love to hear: “Do you allow dogs?”… and I melted into a puddle on the floor. I had the pleasure of meeting their fur babies, Thea (left) and Shiloh (right) during their session.  We chose to do their engagement photos at the Clauser family farm for a few reasons. Mainly to make their photos more personal and meaningful, but also because session was right around harvest. We were actually able to take some photos next to a combine in the middle of one of their fields at sunset…  Talk about a photographer’s dream!

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be asked to do Alex and Ali’s engagement photos. Alex and I actually went to high school together. When Ali asked me to do their engagement photos I was beyond excited! I couldn’t wait to get to catch up with an old friend and meet the woman he proposed to marry.We had the most amazing time together during their engagement session, and it makes me all the more excited to photograph their wedding this year!


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