2017 Ring Roundup

December 27, 2017


I get to see a lot of rings each year, and I love how each ring is a small reflection on the Bride and Groom. This year, I decided to do a little roundup of the all of the gorgeous rings that I was so honored to photograph! Some rings are heirlooms with an enormous history behind them, some were purchased as a complete surprise, some were picked out and planned together; each story is as unique as the rings themselves.

Just like last year, halo engagement rings were popular again but this year, I noticed that non-silver bands were totally growing in popularity, and a trend that I love. I saw more gold and rose gold wedding rings this year than I have seen in any other year. Personally I’ve been wearing more gold and mixed metal jewelry, so this is a trend that I can totally get behind!¬†Looking back on each of the galleries that I delivered this year and reliving each wedding day to find these beautiful gems was so fun, and it will definitely be something that I’ll do again next year!

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